Children of Himalaya
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"F√∂rderverein Children of Himalaya e. V." is a charity founded by Satinder P. Singh as a development programme in order to help people - especially children - who live in villages high up in the mountains of the Indian Himalaya.  

The residents of the province Himachal Pradesh (in North-East) live widely scattered at a height of 2500 mtrs. to 4500 mtrs.. The infrastructure of this area is characterized by very low development.

The area is accessible only for a few months per year due to its terrain and weather conditions. Therefore it is very important to help the residents in their daily needs. Though the basic needs of food, clothing and housing are largely met, there is practically no medical care and schooling available. Our development programme wants to remedy this defect. 

Please use this website to find out more about our goals, and how you can help our work.