Children of Himalaya
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We guarantee that your donation will only be used for the provision of medicine, vaccines, dressing material etc..


Administrative costs, travel expenses as well as the salary of the helpers are paid separately.


The "Förderverein Children of Himalay e.V." has been approved as a registered charity by the financial authorities of Kiel, Germany.


Any donations and contributions given to this charitable program are tax-free. On request, we will be pleased to send you a receipt confirming your donation.




"Children of Himalaya"

Account No.: 7164411

Bank: Fördesparkasse Kiel

Bank Code: 210 501 70


Would you like to sponsor a student or a teacher at the Jispa school (due to open in June, 2003).


For 25,- Euro/month (35,- for a teacher), you can ensure a child's education (including board/lodging at the school).


To find out more, please e-mail us at!

2003-03-30 16:15:08