Children of Himalaya
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The charitable organisation "F√∂rderverein Children of Himalaya e.V." aims to organize a relief trip each year in the district of Lahoul and Spiti and in the Zanskar valley, between the town of Keylong and the Phuktal monastery. The operations will concentrate on:

  • Vaccinations
  • Diagnosis and Treatment of infectous diseases
  • Replenishing medical supplies in depots in Manali, Jispa, Phuktal
  • Instruction in First Aid
  • Improvement of hygiene conditions by education
  • Support from schools

All this with a special focus on the children living in the area. 

We work in cooperation with charities, public bodies, and other non-profit organisations. In order to achieve continuous medical care in the area, we will need to find and train personnel. If finances permit, we plan to build small hospitals as well as a school. 

Our statutes demand that all administrative costs be kept to a minimum. Our organisation's members will pay for their own travel. 

Read an overview of last year's work in our annual reports.                



Would you like to support our work?

Then please join our organisation! Membership fees for active members are Rs 100.- (Euro 10.- in Germany) per month. 

You can also register as a passive member for a limited period of time, and receive regular information about our work. 

Please download the here. If you have any further questions, please go to the "contact" section to find out how to contact us. 

Alternatively, or if you want to do more:

For just Euro 25,-/month, you can sponsor a child or a teacher, helping to ensure the running of the Jispa school. 


Since moving to Germany in 1982, I have made annual trips to my Indian homecountry, especially to further my studies as a Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture. In 1997, while visiting my parents in Patiala, I re-established contact with my childhood friend Ravi Thakur from Manali. In the 1960s, our family regularly went on holiday to Manali, and my parents enjoyed a close relationship with the Thakur family. 

Mr. R. Thakur is the current Rajah of Lahoul and Spiti, while is sister, the queen of Ladakh, is based in the Palace of Stok, near Leh. One of their uncles hold a seat in the Indian parliament in Dheli. 

Mr. R. Thakur and I decided to travel through Lahoul and Spiti together in the following year.

In 1998, we set of with a small travelling party in two jeeps from Manali. We were so excited by the bizarre beauty of the country that we decided on organising a proper trekking tour for the next year.  

And that is how in the summer of 1999, a group of citizens from Kiel, North Germany (after an ardous outward journey via Delhi, Shimla, and the Rothang pass to Jispa) started a 15-day foot march over the Shingo La and Phirse La passes (both 5,300 meters high), from the town of Darsha to the Phuktal monastery and back to Baralacha La. We were supported by 2 guides, 7 helpers and 25 mules. We then returned by bus to Leh and from there by plane via Delhi back to Germany.  

During this trip, we repeatedly met people - especially children - who urgently needed help. I could not forget the look in these children's eyes.  

This is the reason why a group of Kiel citizens and I decided to found a charitable organization to improve the living conditions of these people.  

In the spring of 2000, after the necessary consultations about legal and tax affairs, the "Förderverein Children of Himalaya e.V." (development programme Children of Himalaya) was founded as a registered charity.

We see this as an opportunity to give direct aid in a small part of the world that has become familiar to us. My knowledge of the language, the support from my family and my school friend Dr. S. Grover from Patiala in North India, as well as the co-operation with Mr. Thakur all ensure our work can accurately meet its target. 

I have medical training, including further training in acupuncture at the University of Jaipur, India, and have been awarded the title of "Doctor of Medicine in Acupuncture".  

Satinder P. Singh