Children of Himalaya
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Projects of the "Förderverein Children of himalaya e.V."


  • General informations: Maps of the northern part of India and the eastern part of Kashmir - Jammu.

  • Projects:

  • Yangchen - Ghatsal - School Jispa ( our main project)                                

  •  Medical Camps and depots of medicaments                                                                                                                            

  •   School Phuktal / Kargyak                                                                              At 2007/2008 the school in Phuktal will be sponsered by Shingo La e.V. , 009599 Freiberg - look for www.                                               At 2007/2008 the CMC Association Surya, Prag is building                          "The Sun School for Kargyak"       - look for                    

  •  School Manali   At 2007/2008 the Care Education TRUST, London is building a new school - look for by Projects and Himachal Pradesh.                                                                                        The Förderverein Children of Himalaya e.V. sponsered the buying of the plot.                 


Everyone´s informations

Where did we work:

Here, where Jispa is, we are in the eastern part of the federal state Kashmir - Jammu near to the border of China.

A long way to Ladakh and Spiti Lahaul

from Kiel/Hamburg by airplane to Delhi by jeep/bus to Manali via the Rohtang - pass to Jispa. Often we are 5 days on the way. It is possible also to use an airplane to Leh the capital of Ladakh and then to go by jeep/bus via Kargil, Rangdum to Padum. Then you have to walk for 8 - 12 days to south as far as Darsha/Jispa.  


P r o j e c t s 1 - 4


1. School Jispa

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2. Medical - camps and depots of medicaments

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3. School Phuktal

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4. School in Manali

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In the foreground Ms. Palki Thakur, principal